Our go-to anti-ageing

Ageing. Inevitably it will happen o to all of us. However how and when we will see the visual symptoms will depend on your habits, lifestyle and also genetics.

 From the age of 20, intrinsic changes will start to take place and has the years roll on, biology takes it toll and effects our skin more significantly. Key changes start to place; Keratinocyte cell turnover slows down, skin becomes thinner, natural hydration reduces, there is a weakening, disorganization & lower production of collagen & elastin, sweat & oil glands diminish & bone density decreases, changing the shape of our skull.

More so, varying signs of ageing will depend on the individual’s lifestyle, from exposure to UV radiation, toxins & free radicals, stress and medications.

Our go-to ageing ranges, Lifting Code & Age. They each provide a visible & effective solution to the varying effects of ageing on skin types for that plump, luminous & youthful look.


Range  Lifting Code AG3 Beauty Secret
Results Filling, lifting, tightening & plumping effect Regenerate, firm & protect for a youthful and refined skin appearance
Suggested Biological Skinage 30 - 35+ 40 -45+
Ideal Skin Type Skins which appear dehydrated, slightly dry, and present lines which are starting to deepen with a loss of contour to the face. Skin can present dehydrated & dry with a dull, sallow, devitalized, stressed, uneven appearance. There will be noticeable deep-set lines & wrinkles with a loss of tone & fat distribution around the face. Hyperpigmentation & photodamage will generally be visible.
Benefits Gives strength to the structure of the skin by firming and toning the epidermis & dermis. It aims to improve flexibility, smooth lines & wrinkles, improves contour, tightening & firming, all whilst plumping the skin with moisture. Increases overall skin radiance & hydration, smoothes wrinkles by giving volume to the skin and protects collagen fibers to give skin a youthful appearance. Bioactive Peptide works to decrease DNA damage & repair damaged skin tissues. Key ingredients such as Stem Cell Extract of Tomato and Undaria Seaweed protect the skin against free radical stresses and reactivate genes responsible for cohesion of the epidermis and dermis to increase cell renewal & turnover.