Hydration is Key

Our bodies are made up of 60-70% water, so replenishing daily is essential. For our skin it's important to drink loads of water, but that's not just all you need. A good hydrating skin care routine is a total must.

For the best moisture quenching benefits, try one of these favourites 

  •  Linea+ Aqua Nectar in Drops + Super Moisturising Cream both contain 3D are low molecular weight hyaluronic acid to ensure deep, long-lasting hydration whilst preventing enzyme breakdown (which is a common problem). Use drops twice daily before your apply your moisturiser. 
  •  24.7 Energizing Fruits Lotion is a delicious mist which redeposit minerals which we may have lost through sweating. It helps to make our serums and moisturisers penetrate more effectively and also keep make in place throughout the day. Keep this baby in your bag and spritz to your heart's content throughout the day when you need a refresh.