Which body product for what?!

Here's the low down on the most common body problems, how to identify them and how to use in combat them - 

1. Combating Cellulite 

  • To recognise: By touch the skin is painful and cold to touch. it has micro/macro nodules. By sight it has an orange peel look and is dull, greyish in tone. 
  • To combat: Try Reducelle Active Cream - this gel cream combines the most effective functional substances in a single treatment to reduce the appearance of cellulite whilst giving softness and elasticty.

2. Combating Loose Skin 

  • To recognise: By touch there is poor elasticity, saggin & skin is pluable. By sight, it is toneless, loose and may have wrinkles and folds. 
  • To combat: Try Skin Tone Elasticing Cream - this dermo-restoring breast and body treatment is formulated to reduce the apeparce of loose skin and stretch marks. It promotes skin elasticity and hydration. 

3. Combating Water Retention 

  • To recognise: By touch pressing firmly with fingers for a few seconds and there is visible white mark on release. By sight Edema, abnormal swollen tissues, varicose veins. 
  • To combat: Try Thallaso Force Scrub which has a two phase formula that combines an exfoliating and stimulating and draining action. 

4. Combating Localised Adiposity

  • To recognise: By touch it's not painful, it has a normal temperature, skin colour, softness and elasticity is normal. By Sight its smooth, no bumpuness and silhouette is curvy. 
  • To combat: Try Pro Slim Saline Cream which has a high salt concentration. Used at night, it takes advantage of the nightly biorhythem to reduce the appearance of skins imperfections caused by localised adiposity.